New White-list Feature For Country Blocking Addon

country-blocking-addonA new version of the AIOWPS Country Blocking Addon (which I wrote about in another post) has just been released.

In case you aren’t already familiar with it, the Country blocking Addon is a Wordpress plugin which adds to the functionality of our All In One WP Security and Firewall plugin.

This latest release has a new useful feature which allows you to white-list certain IP addresses or IP address ranges even if they come from a blocked country.

The country blocking white-list feature gives you more control over who you can block and who you wish to allow through to your site by providing you with the finer granularity of white-listing certain IP addresses or whole blocks of IP ranges.

The white-list feature is also very easy to use – simply enable the feature using the checkbox and enter the IP addresses in the text box and save it. Then the plugin will take care of everything else for you automatically.


Example 1:
Let’s say you have selected to block Ukraine in the “General Settings” of the country blocking addon, but you wish to allow one IP address from this country ( You would enable whitelisting and simply enter this IP address in the white list address box and save the settings.

Example 2:
Let’s say you have selected to block Ukraine in the “General Settings” of the country blocking addon, but you wish to allow a block of IP addresses from this country (217.77.250.*). You would enable whitelisting and simply enter 217.77.250.* in the white list address box and save the settings.

So if you have a website which has certain requirements such as only allowing certain countries to access it then the country blocking addon is a plugin which you will find extremely useful.

How to resize your SoundCloud widget using CSS

Since I’ve had a few requests from people who are using the SoundCloud Ultimate plugin asking how they can resize their SoundCloud player widget I thought I would write this short post explaining how you can achieve this.

Step 1:

When you are entering the SoundCloud Ultimate shortcode on your page, wrap it inside a CSS div with a classname of your choice. See the code below:

<div class="scu-player">
[soundcloud_ultimate track=]

Note how the SCU shortcode is inside the “div” elements. Also, in this example I’ve chosen a CSS classname of “scu-player” but you can choose any name you like as long as it is unique. You will then use this CSS classname for the next step.

Step 2:

Add the following code to your theme’s CSS file:

max-width: 310px;

.scu-player iframe{
height: 160px;


Alternative Tip For Step 2:

Instead of modifying your theme’s CSS file, an even better thing to do would be to go and grab the following plugin:

Then add the above CSS code in the settings of the custom css plugin.

The above example will resize the SoundCloud player widget to have a width of 310px and height of 160px. You can choose any values you like to suit your needs.

I hope this post was helpful.

Country Blocking WordPress Plugin

Country Blocking AddonDo you have a website which gets inundated with SPAM or hacking attempts from visitors or bots originating from certain countries?

To help put a stop to this you could ordinarily use the “blacklist” feature of the All In One WP Security and Firewall plugin to block visitors via specific IP addresses or IP ranges. This is a good solution but keep in mind that you may have to repeatedly keep adding IP addresses to the blacklist as you discover more spammers and hackers using different IP addresses.

However, if you wanted more precision and control over the IP addresses you want to block, you could add further granularity by specifying the country from which you want to block the IP addresses.

To achieve this you need an accurate way to resolve an IP address to the country of origin and this is exactly what we’ve done with our latest offering.

Continue reading

Free WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin – Simple Photo Gallery

simple-photo-galleryI recently released a simple, yet reliable WordPress photo gallery plugin called Simple Photo Gallery.

The features and highlights of the plugin are summarised below:

  • Intuitive and easy uploading of photos and creation of galleries
  • A selection of stylish front-end gallery templates which display the gallery’s thumbnails
  • Watermarking of your photos on a per gallery basis. You can add any text of your choice and you can also adjust the opacity, font size and placement
  • Option to present your photos using a cool responsive slider
  • There is a lightbox option which you can use to display a photo to your visitor when they click the thumbnail
  • Easy sorting options for photos when displayed on your front-end
  • Ability to apply pagination for galleries which have large number of photos
  • Amazing support – we stand by our plugins and that is reflected in our excellent support.
Example of a stylish thumbnail template

Example of a stylish thumbnail template

Responsive Photo Slider Example

Responsive Photo Slider Example

This plugin will grow with even more useful features with every update so please stay tuned.

To learn more check out our information page.

Malware and its effects on your website

website malware scanYour website is like a “virtual” version of a piece of property or business where you have invested a lot of work over the months and years, and just like any real “bricks and mortar” property and investment you should always try to protect the contents inside of it.

For example, let’s say you owned a “real” camera shop in the city. If you are a smart business person, you would do all of the necessary due diligence to protect your investment such as installing burglar alarms, locks and taking other security measures and also even getting insurance for your business.

Similar security and insurance measures should also apply to your website.

One of the most common downfalls of websites is poor security which usually results in the infection of the site contents with malware and other malicious scripts.

What is Malware?

The word malware is an abbreviation for “Malicious Software”.

In a nutshell it is basically a malicious script or piece of hostile code which is secretly injected into your site’s webpage files.

Other common security threats which can also fit under the “malware” name include things such as adware, worms, spyware, trojan horses etc.

Just as your computer can be infected by a virus, the same thing can happen to your website.

The injection of such undesirable and hostile code such as the types mentioned above, can occur in such a way that you may not notice that your precious site has been compromised until days, weeks or even months later.

When a hacker inserts their malware script into some of your files, they will usually do it in a way that is sometimes difficult to detect for the untrained eye…..and sometimes even the trained eye because new hacking techniques are being developed each day.

Hackers normally do this because they want to take advantage of your site’s real-estate and traffic by inserting links which point to their porn or pharmacy or other scam websites.

The Effects Of Malware

When a website has been infected with malware the effects can range from disastrous things like financial ruin, and secret and personal data theft, to relatively minor and annoying things such as a rogue link or popup window.

If left unresolved, the malware on your website can become a real liability no matter how benign it may seem at first. This is because big search engine companies such as Google, Bing etc and also malware watchdog sites can often detect via their web crawlers if your site is infected with malware, and they can consequently blacklist your site in order to protect their search customers.

If your site is blacklisted it can have a detrimental effect on the traffic rate coming to your site from search engines, which will in turn manifest itself into disastrous financial effects on your business. A blacklisted site usually means it will be flagged by search engines whenever a visitor tries to browse your site.

For example, if you have been blacklisted say by Google Safe Browsing, every visitor trying to reach your website will usually see a warning similar to that below.


You can minimize the damage if you act quickly

If your site does happen to be hacked and consequently infected with malware, the important thing is to take action to clean up your site as soon as possible so you can minimize the damage done – especially the negative effects to your site’s ranking, traffic rate and income generation.

An easy way to keep informed of your site’s malware status and help guard against the loss of traffic, rankings and money is to scan your site daily against malware threats and other suspicious code.

Daily Malware Scanning Of Your Website Is a Must If You Want To Protect Your Investment

Scanning your website at least once daily for malware is like having a burgler alarm for your site. Due to the fact that hackers are always coming up with new and sneaky ways to compromise websites, you need a way to quickly detect any malware intrusion which may have occurred on your site so you can address the problem quickly.

Fortunately Site Scanners provide an easy-to-use service which will scan your site every day for the latest malware threats and in addition to that it will also notify you automatically if any malware is found so that you can address the problem immediately.

All you need to do once you’ve signed up, is to log into your dashboard and enter your site’s URL. That’s it! From then on, Site Scanners will have your back as far as malware scanning and notifications go.

If after a daily scan Site Scanners find that your site is infected with malware or other malicious code, they will immediately send you an email which will looks something like the following:


A notification email will be sent to you if malware is found

You can also view more details by logging into your dashboard as shown below.


The dashboard will show you any malware infection warnings and you can also click on the details button to view specific details about the malware as shown in the example below:


As well as scanning your site for malware and suspicious software, the site scanners service will also check your site if it has been blacklisted by one of the main search engines. This will allow you to take steps to remove your site from any blacklists ASAP so that your ranking and traffic doesn’t slip too low.

Such peace of mind is worth its weight in gold as far as your website and business is concerned and the cost to you is peanuts when you think about it – less than $7 a month for a daily scan.

You can find out more about the malware scanning service by going to Site Scanners website.

Sell Photos Online With WordPress

photo-seller-banner-240-103When it comes to selling photos or prints online, it usually isn’t enough to simply use a general shopping cart plugin.
Photographers or anybody selling images or prints via their WordPress website usually require specific functionality which is unique to the field of photo selling. Most shopping cart plugins don’t cater for things like gallery creation, watermarking and specific pricing for particular photo variations. The existing plugins which do, often require you to install and integrate a third party plugin such as next-gen gallery to handle most of the image-specific tasks.

There are also other options out there such as Photocrati who offer a theme which will handle your photo eCommerce functionality, but this is rather restrictive in the sense that you are forced to install their theme and cannot use your existing one.

Luckily there is a now a shopping cart plugin which is designed specifically for photographers and which doesn’t need any third party plugins or themes in order for you to get all of the functionality you need as a photographer wanting to sell images from your WordPress site. Continue reading

How to protect your eBook sales with WP PDF Stamper plugin

pdf_logo_picIf you sell ebooks from your website you have probably wondered what is the best way to discourage the pirating and copying of your book after you’ve made some initial sales from your website.

There’s nothing more disappointing to an online business owner than seeing their ebook products and hard work and ideas be copied and propagated on torrent sites or other download directories.

eBooks as digital products are a very hard medium to maintain proprietary control over from the perspective of the writer/owner – especially when it comes to people sharing a single copy repeatedly for free. An ebook PDF file is not like a piece of software where you can build-in special license activation codes or other restrictions. Continue reading

A SoundCloud WordPress Plugin For Musicians, Podcasters and other media enthusiasts

soundcloud wordpressAre you a podcaster, musician or media enthusiast who uses SoundCloud? I have just released my latest plugin on which is called SoundCloud-Ultimate.

In a nutshell this SoundCloud WordPress plugin allows you to manage your SoundCloud tracks straight from your WordPress site.

Here’s a brief summary of the features:

  • Secure authentication/connection from your WordPress site to your SoundCloud account using oAuth2
  • display any of your tracks with the special SoundCloud player anywhere on your blog by using a special shortcode
  • Upload new tracks from your WordPress administration panel directly to your SoundCloud account.
  • View your current tracks from the WordPress admin panel which you have already uploaded to your SoundCloud account.
  • Play/preview currently uploaded tracks directly from the WP admin panel
  • Delete tracks from your SoundCloud account directly from the WordPress admin panel

The plugin basically tries to give you as much control over your SoundCloud tracks without leaving your WordPress administration panel.

For more info, check out the soundcloud-ultimate plugin page and let me know if you have any feedback!

Subscribe people to AWeber or GetResponse using Contact Form 7

I have just released the premium version of the CF7 AutoResponder Addon.

This version has been requested by quite a lot of people so now it’s finally ready.

Some new features include:

  • This version allows you to automatically add people to your AWeber, GetResponse or MailChimp lists after they’ve sent you a message using your Contact Form 7.
  • You can add people to multiple lists based on the CF7 form you are using.
    For instance if you had 3 CF7 forms on your site which perform a slightly different task and you wanted to use each form to subscribe people to a different list, you can now do that with the premium version of the plugin.

If you want to know more please visit the Premium CF7 AutoRespondere Addon page.

How to Add Google Fonts To Your WordPress Site

Following on from my previous post….You may already have seen my WordPress Font Pairing Preview plugin and after playing around with some of the font pairing previews you might be wondering – “how can I now apply the Google fonts to my site?

If you want to get a bit more creative with the typography of your WordPress theme then keep reading. Continue reading